Capture Point Media is an online marketing company that focuses on website design, search engine optimization, targeted pay per click campaigns, and increasing ROI on existing online marketing campaigns.

Capture Point Media is known for its successful Search Engine Optimization campaigns.  In fact, the average client benefits an average of 67% increase in organic traffic in 6 months or less and engagement increases of 34% in 3 months.

If you have a website, we’d like to fiddle with it. We want to tinker a little, check its progress, and tinker some more. You’ve probably got some important things to do anyway, so why not take a break, kick your feet up for a few ticks, and let us get some dirt under our fingernails. You can think of us as a high performance tuning shop and your website as the engine.

We like to get a good baseline setup, run a few tests, then let the tweaking commence. By the time we are finished, you should be looking at an efficient, detailed marketing campaign that positions your online presence where it counts; right in the laps of your customers.