There are more options than ever for reaching out to and connecting with your constituents. Let Capture Point Media help you harness the power of the digital age with our political campaign website design services.

In a world where it’s easy for anyone to say anything, you need to take control of your image and your campaign on multiple fronts and ensure your messaging is consistent across each one. Nowhere is that more important than online. Chances are high that the very first thing a voter will do upon hearing your name is to conduct a search online. They’ll want to know about your experience, your position on issues, your party affiliation, and more. Make sure they hear it from YOU with a custom political website design from Capture Point Media.

Designing A Political Campaign Website With Capture Point Media

There are no templates here at Capture Point Media. Every one of our website designs is custom-made to your needs and specifications. Your political campaign website will be as unique as you are yourself!

We approach each project with a few basic beliefs. We believe that political campaign websites must:

  • Provide easily digestible information.
  • Allow visitors to take action.
  • Be agile and responsive on a variety of devices.
  • Support the campaign’s overall theme and messaging.
  • Make it easy for constituents to connect with you.

These core beliefs serve as the foundation for our political website design ideas. From there, the sky is the limit – we design around your needs and ideals!

Custom Political Campaign Website Design Ideas

There are many features we can integrate into your political campaign website design. Listed below are some of the most commonly added features:

  • Mobile Optimization. This is a must if you want your site to be accessible on a variety of devices. This service includes optimization for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The design incorporates portrait and landscape modes for easy viewing on any device.
  • Contribution Form. Accept political contributions right on your website with our simple contribution form. Integration is with PayPal for safe and secure transfers and tracking.
  • Endorsement Forms. What is a political campaign without endorsements? We can set up your site to collect endorsement data that will help your campaign.
  • Endorsement Page. Now that you have those endorsements you’ll want to broadcast them. The Endorsement Page is a spot to share your endorsements in one place.
  • Featured Quotes and Endorsements. Draw the eye and proudly show off your favorite endorsements with bold and strategic placement.
  • Facebook & Social Media Integration. Make it simple for your supporters to follow you on social platforms and keep current with your latest posts with the Facebook integration feature.
  • Get Involved Page. No one can win an election on his or her own. Invite your supporters to join your campaign with a Get Involved page. Here you can provide multiple ways for voters to help or list upcoming rallies and events.
  • Voter Form Download and Links. Make sure no one misses out on your election! This feature allows voters to find the forms they need to vote in the upcoming election.

Click here to view some of our recently designed political websites.

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