Marketing Case Study: Optimization and SEO Pay Off For Orlando Law Firm

Marketing Case Study: Optimization and SEO Pay Off For Orlando Law Firm

Like many of our clients, an Orlando based law firm came to Capture Point Media with a problem. They weren’t getting the number of visitors to their website that they wanted and they wanted our help to turn that around. We accepted the challenge and the results speak for themselves!


This Orlando Law Firm specializes in business and real estate law, probate, wills, and trusts, immigration law, and litigation. Despite this wide range of specialties, the firm’s website wasn’t getting much attention. They struggled to reach 40-60 visitors a month and are located in a very competitive market.

The challenge they presented to Capture Point Media was to increase their web presence to generate more leads.


Our solution was to start from scratch with brand new, optimized content along with weekly and monthly SEO. The site boasts expanded, optimized content, a blog, and an online contact form to make it easier for website visitors to make initial contact with the firm.


We delivered the first batch of content in December 2017. By the end of April 2017, their web traffic had increased by 950% and their organic traffic doubled in less than 3 months.

Why SEO and Optimization Work

Results like those seen in this marketing case study demonstrate the impact that optimization and an SEO strategy can have on a website – even in a very short period of time and in a competitive industry like law firms. By expanding the existing content and optimizing it for location and the firm’s areas of specialty, we were able to improve the firm’s rankings in search engines, which led to more click-throughs and form submissions.

The new blog also played a role in this effort with SEO content that improved organic search results. The addition of regularly posted, informative, relevant, and top-quality content boosted the firm’s online profile and resulted in better search positioning. Organic traffic is extremely valuable to businesses because it means the site reflects consumer interests and needs, aligning well with what customers are seeking. When consumer searches return highly accurate results like this, they are more likely to click through to the website and engage with the company because they see the company as a credible, knowledgeable resource.

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Orlando Med Spa Sees Organic Traffic Surge 48% With Help From Our Internet Marketing Company

Orlando Med Spa Sees Organic Traffic Surge 48% With Help From Our Internet Marketing Company

Organic website traffic is one of those things that everyone wants but few are able to achieve. We are proud to say that is no longer a problem for one of our clients! In this marketing case study, we share how we helped an Orlando med spa improve their website so they could attract more visitors and capture more form submissions.

In less than 6 months, we were able to improve their organic traffic by 48%! During that same time period, the Orlando med spa was able to capture 304 form submissions. In addition, bounce rates decreased, the number of new site visitors went up, and visitors spent more time on the site!

How Did We Do It?

How were we able to create such a positive change for this client? We worked with what they had and expanded and enhanced it. Their existing site has some positive attributes. It was clearly laid out and services were easy to find. The problem was, there wasn’t a lot of content on those pages and what was there lacked optimization. Our approach was three-fold:

  1. Optimize existing pages.
  2. Expand existing pages.
  3. Build a blog platform.

One of the most effective ways to build organic traffic is to publish high-quality and relevant content on your website regularly. This is why we insisted on adding a blog to the site. The blog gave us a platform to publish this content. In addition, we built out the existing pages to provide consistency in wording and format across the site, but also to optimize the pages for the med spa’s preferred keywords.

As a result of this three-pronged approach, the med spa has been able to attract more business and enhance their professional reputation.

Why Organic Traffic Matters

When we use the term “organic traffic”, we are referring to website visitors that land on a site as a result of unpaid searches. These unpaid searches are considered “organic” because they happen naturally, with no help from paid search or referrals from other sites. Visitors find your site after using a search engine like Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Organic traffic is highly valued because it means your site is ranking well for your keywords, services, or programs. It means that your site and your customers’ needs or interests are strongly aligned. Achieving these kinds of search results builds credibility with your audience and is a more cost-effective solution than relying on paid search to draw in traffic.

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IVF Marketing Case Study | IVF Clinic Yields Over $1 Million | Paid Search

Orlando Fertility Clinic Sees New Business Jump To Over $1 Million In Our Latest Marketing Case Study

If you’ve ever wondered if Paid Search works, this is the marketing case study for you! One of our clients, an Orlando IVF doctor and fertility clinic, had lackluster results with their previous IVF marketing company. They approached Capture Point Media with the hope that we could boost their online presence to the point where the clinic would be able to capture leads through form submission and turn those leads into happy patients.

Challenge – Generate Leads Through Paid Search Marketing

The Orlando fertility clinic had an existing website but wasn’t getting the kind of response they wanted. In 2012, only 48 form submissions were received and the doctor was doing 1-3 IVF procedures each month. He thought the clinic could do better and so did we.

We launched their new IVF marketing website in September 2013 with the express purpose of raising the clinic’s online profile to increase the number of form submissions and, in turn, IVF patients.

Solution – Develop A Comprehensive Paid Search Marketing Campaign

We decided early on that a piecemeal approach wouldn’t work. The doctor was committed to using the clinic’s website more effectively to reach new and existing patients and provide them with the information they needed to make decisions regarding their fertility options. A comprehensive approach that addressed site design, content, and capabilities as well as an ad campaign was needed.

The entire site was redone and a PPC campaign begun by our IVF marketing company. We also implemented a monthly SEO content program, an email form submission program, and continually optimized the website to maximize the amount of leads and increase user engagement.

Results – Paid Search Pays Off

The results speak for themselves. Due to our SEO and PPC campaigns, the clinic was soon averaging 11-13 new IVF procedures per month…for half the marketing cost.

In the first year, we helped the doctor generate $1.1 million in new business. This was up from approximately $105,000 in new business his previous year.

Due to the IVF marketing campaign, the doctor received 501 form submissions in the first year, 721 form submissions in the second year, and 986 form submissions in the third year.

Over 3 years and 9 months, the new website generated over 3,088 form submissions!

Is Paid Search Right For You? Contact Our Internet Marketing Company To Find Out!

Many of our campaigns focus on increasing conversions or helping the client gain new customers and paid search is a very effective way to do just that. A paid search campaign can be a quicker way to push your website to the top of the search engine results pages as you work simultaneously to optimize your website and boost your web presence organically. When used in conjunction with form submissions, paid search practically hand delivers customers who are ready to take the next step.

If you are ready to take the next step yourself, contact Capture Point Media for a customized approach to Internet Marketing that will “capture” the attention of your target demographic.

Capture Point Media Helps Orlando Attorney Yield A 51% Increase In Form Submissions In Just 18 Days

At Capture Point Media, we don’t only offer innovative, customized online marketing solutions to help our clients achieve their promotional goals, we also run specific analytic tests after implementation. Why? This allows us to get a firm gauge on what’s working and determine which campaign components may require a little tweaking for optimal online results. Our successful case studies demonstrate that we are continuously calibrating our online marketing strategies to put our customers directly on the consumer radars of their targeted demographic.

Client Background – Optimized Website

Our client, an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney, was looking for an optimized online presence to boost search engine placement as well as generate an upswing in visitor traffic within a specific client niche.

Challenge – Increase Online Submissions

One common goal of our online promotional initiatives: Creating a campaign that focuses on increasing conversions for our clients. At Capture Point Media, we know firsthand that generating form submissions isn’t purely about collecting critical client information. Each form submission can result in conversions worth thousands of dollars, making it an ideal initiative for business owners in any industry.

Solution – Create Custom Conversion Optimization Campaign

Earlier testing for this client showed that videos were actually hindering the overall initiatives, so we reworked the campaign to include large banners with specific calls to action to boost activity. We also optimized the title tags, meta tag, keywords, header tag (H1) and (H2) for SEO. Our approach proved effective and prompted dynamic results.

Results – Recalibrated Campaign Proved Highly Effective

Capture Point Media completed initial phase of conversion optimization campaign to measure results of form submissions. Our solution increased form submissions by 51%!

Data Analysis – Additional Activity Upswings

Beyond a 51% increase in form submissions, our results data also shows that between November 1st and November 18th, our client experienced:

  • 25% Increase in Pageviews
  • 23% Increase in Unique Pageviews
  • 7% Increase in Time in Site
  • 7% Reduction in Bounce Rate
  • 6% Reduction in Exit Rate

Client Summary & Forecast – Generate Further Results

Based on these impressive statistics, we estimate that over the next 12 months, this client will receive approximately 425 new form submissions due to the Conversion Optimization campaign.

If you’re ready to tap into the power of website optimization, Capture Point Media can help. Contact our team of online marketing experts to create a customized promotional approach that will help you achieve corporate goals and enhance visibility within your targeted demographic.

Search Engine Optimization For Medical Clinic Increases Website Traffic by 114% Year Over Year

Do you feel like your website isn’t getting the attention or traction that it deserves? You’re not alone, at Capture Point Media, we often partner with business owners who want to broaden the reach and overall exposure of their web presence. Our online promotional experts can create a customized website marketing approach that that not only commands attention (from both browsers and humans), but also entices leads and conversions for ultimate return on investment.

Client Background – Search Engine Optimization & New Web Design
Our client, an Orlando Fertility Clinic, wanted to increase overall search engine traffic to their website. A gain in traffic would result in more leads and eventually more patients.

Challenge – Create Customized SEO Strategy & Optimized Website
At Capture Point Media, we don’t just offer cookie-cutter online strategies. We work closely with our partners to evaluate their current online marketing approach. When assessing this client’s existing web presence, we pinpointed several areas of improvement, including:

• Old website not optimized
• Too many navigation pages
• No calls to action
• Content not optimized
• Limited website imagery

Solution – Create Customized Solution That Eliminated Current Areas Of Weakness
The team at Capture Point Media created an online solution designed specifically to address weaknesses within the current marketing plan. We carefully critiqued 24 months of reporting data to rebuild web presence and continually enhance the online traffic driven to the medical clinic. Some of our tactics included optimizing the new website, enhancing imagery, galleries and content sliders, removing navigation pages and including calls to action when appropriate.

Results/Data Analysis – Major Upswing In Visitor Traffic
After implementing and measuring results of campaign, Capture Point Media identified a 114% increase overall organic visitor traffic based on SEO content and new website approach.

Let Capture Point Media Help Your Business Command Online Attention

It’s no secret that today’s entrepreneurs have to compete on a global, online level. If you’re not commanding online attention, you could be leaving market share on the table for your competitors. Capture Point Media offers proven promotional strategies to deliver innovative and customized online marketing solutions that yield optimal results. Want to hear more? Contact us today to set up a no-risk consultation.


17 Day Conversion Optimization Campaign Increases Leads by 550%

Challenge: To increase lead rates using the Schedule a Consultation form.

Solution: Capture Point Media utilized 8 Schedule a Consultation landing pages over 17 days to determine the winner by highest lead rate.

Results: Conversion Optimization Campaign Increases Leads by 550%

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B2B Business Broker Achieves 78 Percent Increase in Unique Visitors and 140 Percent Increase in User Engagement with SEO and Website Optimization

Effectively leveraging the advantages of an online marketing initiative isn’t just about getting the web browsers to notice your business. While search engines can help your business rise in rankings, only a live audience will help your business rise in revenues. At Capture Point Media, our team of experts understands that user engagement plays a critical role in the success of any online campaign. That’s why we partner with our clients to create customized strategies that specifically target a consumer demographic with purpose and meaning.

Client Background – Optimized Website/SEO Content Strategy

Our client, an Orlando B2B Business Broker, needed to enhance the impact of their current website and diversify their online marketing approach to broaden brand reach and recognition.

Challenge – Increase Website Traffic, Engagements & Lead Rates

Creating a campaign that strategically drives traffic to a business’ online presence can reap a multitude of promotional benefits. Capture Point Media partnered with our client to design a solution focused on increasing leads and business listings within their designated consumer base.

Solution – Create Customized, Diversified Web/Content Marketing Solution

Capture Point Media devised and implemented a customized web/content marketing strategy utilizing Organic Optimization, Updated Website Framework and Navigation Path Analysis. Our comprehensive solution included:

  • Collecting and analyzing 3 years of data to redo and optimize the navigation and user flow
  • Designing home/inner web pages with proven keyword phrases to target audience
  • SEO strategies – Title Tags, Meta Tags, H1 and Content Optimization
  • Creating company blog which played a vast role in SEO success
  • Eliminated content that added no SEO value or visitor ROI

Results/Data Analysis – Surge In Online Traffic (Including 140% Increase In Pageviews)

After measuring results of campaign after 5 months, Capture Media Point determined:

  • Unique visitors increased 78%
  • Pageviews increased 140%
  • Page / Visit increased 10%
  • Average visit duration increased 42%

Of course, at Capture Media, we’ve seen firsthand how, sometimes, positive results from an online campaign can come from negative numbers. Our data analysis shows that our campaign helped our client achieve a -22% decline in overall Bounce Rate as well.

Ready to let our team of online marketing experts help you broaden your online brand impact? Contact Capture Point Media to consult with one of our specialists about your goals and objectives today.


Content Strategy and Organic Optimization Increases Website Traffic 124% For Orlando Travel Blog

Unlock Orlando grows 1Q 2013 Web Traffic 124% compared to 1Q 2012.

Challenge: To grow visitors by at least 75% using a content strategy, organic optimization techniques and increasing user engagement.

Solution: Capture Point Media developed a year-long content management strategy that involved analyzing 1-year of traffic, keywords, referral and page content. With this information, we were able to develop a winning content and organic optimization strategy that helped increase traffic 124% 1Q 2013 over 1Q 2012.

Results: Visitors increase 124%, unique visitors increased 119%, page views increase 129%.

Orlando Dumpster Service Company Increases Web Traffic by 49% With SEO

Afab Services provides of dumpster rental services the Central Florida area with Residential and Commercial Roll Off Services. AFAB Services offers 6-yard, 12-yard, 15-yard, 18-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard rentals that can be delivered to both residential and commercial locations

Challenge: To increase the quality and amount of organic (SEO) visitors to the website and to increase new customers inquiries for dumpster rentals and delivery.

Solution: Provide monthly search engine optimization both onsite and offsite to increase his SEO rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Results: AFAB Services increases organic website traffic 49% from January-Jun 2012 vs. January-June 2012. This resulted in driving 613 more organic visitors to AFAB Services.

  • January – June 2011
    3,662 Total Visitors
    1,251 Organic Visitors

  • January – June 2012
    4,343 Total Visitors
    1,863 Organic Visitors


Search Engine Optimization for Air Conditioning Shop Doubles Organic Traffic in 40 Days

Local air conditioning repair shop doubles their amount of organic traffic with the relaunch of their website and monthly Search Engine Optimization.

Challenge: Website was not producing leads and traffic. Website was not showing up in the search engines results pages.

Solution: Relaunch new website, with new content, navigation, header, footer, mobile friendly and with a monthly search engine optimization package.

Results: Website doubles their Organic Traffic in 40 Days.