Capture Point Media Helps Orlando Attorney Yield A 51% Increase In Form Submissions In Just 18 Days

At Capture Point Media, we don’t only offer innovative, customized online marketing solutions to help our clients achieve their promotional goals, we also run specific analytic tests after implementation. Why? This allows us to get a firm gauge on what’s working and determine which campaign components may require a little tweaking for optimal online results. Our successful case studies demonstrate that we are continuously calibrating our online marketing strategies to put our customers directly on the consumer radars of their targeted demographic.

Client Background – Optimized Website

Our client, an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney, was looking for an optimized online presence to boost search engine placement as well as generate an upswing in visitor traffic within a specific client niche.

Challenge – Increase Online Submissions

One common goal of our online promotional initiatives: Creating a campaign that focuses on increasing conversions for our clients. At Capture Point Media, we know firsthand that generating form submissions isn’t purely about collecting critical client information. Each form submission can result in conversions worth thousands of dollars, making it an ideal initiative for business owners in any industry.

Solution – Create Custom Conversion Optimization Campaign

Earlier testing for this client showed that videos were actually hindering the overall initiatives, so we reworked the campaign to include large banners with specific calls to action to boost activity. We also optimized the title tags, meta tag, keywords, header tag (H1) and (H2) for SEO. Our approach proved effective and prompted dynamic results.

Results – Recalibrated Campaign Proved Highly Effective

Capture Point Media completed initial phase of conversion optimization campaign to measure results of form submissions. Our solution increased form submissions by 51%!

Data Analysis – Additional Activity Upswings

Beyond a 51% increase in form submissions, our results data also shows that between November 1st and November 18th, our client experienced:

  • 25% Increase in Pageviews
  • 23% Increase in Unique Pageviews
  • 7% Increase in Time in Site
  • 7% Reduction in Bounce Rate
  • 6% Reduction in Exit Rate

Client Summary & Forecast – Generate Further Results

Based on these impressive statistics, we estimate that over the next 12 months, this client will receive approximately 425 new form submissions due to the Conversion Optimization campaign.

If you’re ready to tap into the power of website optimization, Capture Point Media can help. Contact our team of online marketing experts to create a customized promotional approach that will help you achieve corporate goals and enhance visibility within your targeted demographic.