B2B Business Broker Achieves 78 Percent Increase in Unique Visitors and 140 Percent Increase in User Engagement with SEO and Website Optimization

Effectively leveraging the advantages of an online marketing initiative isn’t just about getting the web browsers to notice your business. While search engines can help your business rise in rankings, only a live audience will help your business rise in revenues. At Capture Point Media, our team of experts understands that user engagement plays a critical role in the success of any online campaign. That’s why we partner with our clients to create customized strategies that specifically target a consumer demographic with purpose and meaning.

Client Background – Optimized Website/SEO Content Strategy

Our client, an Orlando B2B Business Broker, needed to enhance the impact of their current website and diversify their online marketing approach to broaden brand reach and recognition.

Challenge – Increase Website Traffic, Engagements & Lead Rates

Creating a campaign that strategically drives traffic to a business’ online presence can reap a multitude of promotional benefits. Capture Point Media partnered with our client to design a solution focused on increasing leads and business listings within their designated consumer base.

Solution – Create Customized, Diversified Web/Content Marketing Solution

Capture Point Media devised and implemented a customized web/content marketing strategy utilizing Organic Optimization, Updated Website Framework and Navigation Path Analysis. Our comprehensive solution included:

  • Collecting and analyzing 3 years of data to redo and optimize the navigation and user flow
  • Designing home/inner web pages with proven keyword phrases to target audience
  • SEO strategies – Title Tags, Meta Tags, H1 and Content Optimization
  • Creating company blog which played a vast role in SEO success
  • Eliminated content that added no SEO value or visitor ROI

Results/Data Analysis – Surge In Online Traffic (Including 140% Increase In Pageviews)

After measuring results of campaign after 5 months, Capture Media Point determined:

  • Unique visitors increased 78%
  • Pageviews increased 140%
  • Page / Visit increased 10%
  • Average visit duration increased 42%

Of course, at Capture Media, we’ve seen firsthand how, sometimes, positive results from an online campaign can come from negative numbers. Our data analysis shows that our campaign helped our client achieve a -22% decline in overall Bounce Rate as well.

Ready to let our team of online marketing experts help you broaden your online brand impact? Contact Capture Point Media to consult with one of our specialists about your goals and objectives today.