Orlando Med Spa Sees Organic Traffic Surge 48% With Help From Our Internet Marketing Company

Orlando Med Spa Sees Organic Traffic Surge 48% With Help From Our Internet Marketing Company

Organic website traffic is one of those things that everyone wants but few are able to achieve. We are proud to say that is no longer a problem for one of our clients! In this marketing case study, we share how we helped an Orlando med spa improve their website so they could attract more visitors and capture more form submissions.

In less than 6 months, we were able to improve their organic traffic by 48%! During that same time period, the Orlando med spa was able to capture 304 form submissions. In addition, bounce rates decreased, the number of new site visitors went up, and visitors spent more time on the site!

How Did We Do It?

How were we able to create such a positive change for this client? We worked with what they had and expanded and enhanced it. Their existing site has some positive attributes. It was clearly laid out and services were easy to find. The problem was, there wasn’t a lot of content on those pages and what was there lacked optimization. Our approach was three-fold:

  1. Optimize existing pages.
  2. Expand existing pages.
  3. Build a blog platform.

One of the most effective ways to build organic traffic is to publish high-quality and relevant content on your website regularly. This is why we insisted on adding a blog to the site. The blog gave us a platform to publish this content. In addition, we built out the existing pages to provide consistency in wording and format across the site, but also to optimize the pages for the med spa’s preferred keywords.

As a result of this three-pronged approach, the med spa has been able to attract more business and enhance their professional reputation.

Why Organic Traffic Matters

When we use the term “organic traffic”, we are referring to website visitors that land on a site as a result of unpaid searches. These unpaid searches are considered “organic” because they happen naturally, with no help from paid search or referrals from other sites. Visitors find your site after using a search engine like Google or Bing or Yahoo.

Organic traffic is highly valued because it means your site is ranking well for your keywords, services, or programs. It means that your site and your customers’ needs or interests are strongly aligned. Achieving these kinds of search results builds credibility with your audience and is a more cost-effective solution than relying on paid search to draw in traffic.

Improve Your Organic Search With Help From Capture Point Media

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