10 Reasons Why SMS Mobile Marketing Is Effective for Night Clubs

Technology has advanced far beyond what anybody could have perceived a decade ago. Almost 80% of the working population today uses smartphone. Of that population almost 90% use the internet from their smartphones to find gas stations, ATMs, nightclubs and restaurants. Mobile phones offer an amazing opportunity to attract new clientele and maintain a healthy relationship with them. The potential to attract customers, create a brand and maintain a healthy relationship.

Using the service of SMS marketing always keeps you in touch with your customer base. At the same time, it is a cost-effective and time-effective measure of promotions and marketing. Where everybody has a mobile phone today, it is only right that companies use this potential to maximize their opportunity. Nightclubs can reap the most benefit of these services since they can always connect to their customers and potential customers with the help of a simple SMS.

An SMS marketing campaign can:

  • Help you create a simple worded message for your intended audience.
  • Help you send discount offers or coupons to your customers. People love being treated specially. The thought of an offer or discount, especially for them makes your business stand out from the rest.
  • Help you create a VIP area or clubhouse for your regular and loyal customers. A customized SMS can help you reach out to them and maintain their business.
  • Help you make special announcements for events, celebrations, festivals and the likes. All nightclubs try to set up special events on New Year’s Eve or Christmas for their customers. The customized service, menu and events promise a special treatment for their customers. It is also a good time to increase their clientele, since most people look to celebrate this time of the year.
  • Helps you gain a higher return on investment than other medias of promotion such as newspaper, e-mail, TV ads or website ads. The low cost of SMS mobile marketing and their ability to reach the mass enables a greater chance of increased return on the investment.
  • Help you introduce mobile coupons, wherein customers can avail special offers just by showing the text.
  • Help you treat your customers exclusively on their birthdays. It can enable you to sign up customer’s birthdays and anniversaries so that they can celebrate the night at your place.
  • Help you send special reminders to your customer on their special days.
  • Help you sign-up customers for newsletters and other modes of promotions and communications.
  • Start your SMS Marketing Campaign today!