10 SMS Mobile Marketing Facts

SMS marketing seems to have taken the world by storm recently. And for good reason too. Here are some SMS Mobile Marketing Facts that might have you changing your mind about text messaging

– 91% of US residents have their cellular device within reach 24-hours each day, 7 days per week.

– You will find more cell phones to the earth than TVs.

– Worldwide, more individuals own mobile phones than toothbrushes

– 85% of all mobile searches lead to actions within one hour.

– 10x the redemption rate is achieved by mobile coupons as compared to conventional printed coupons.

– In 2013 $4.2 million was spent on Mobile Applications

– An estimated $29.5 million will be used on Mobile Apps in 2013

So what can we understand from this?

Over the previous ten years, cellular phone use has developed at a relatively constant speed. From the marketing view, consider this: it’s estimated that over 70% of individuals worldwide have a mobile phone of some sort by 2011. This implies that 70% of all clients may currently be attained at any period of-the day, in any nation on earth, in any language. With these kind of SMS Mobile Marketing Facts, it’s easy to see why SMS marketing has become so popular. What is really astonishing is that because we’ve entered into the age of smartphone technology that increase has improved tremendously. Just imagine what SMS Marketing in 2013 will look like.

So how does a marketer make the most of these text messaging facts?

This is a brand new method to reach your market: Marketers who establish advertising campaigns targeted for mobile phones will raise the chance of catching your crowd’s focus. Time spent watching TELEVISION takes up about 16% of our everyday lives as Americans, normally. Why devote an enormous amount of cash on TV ads, once the number of time your clients are spending watching TELEVISION is decreasing? Especially if they’re texting and searching the internet while watching reruns of their favorite shows.

The key is to get your customers to take action: It is approximated that it requires a cellular phone person, on average, about 90 seconds to react to your text message. Compare that to the estimated 24 hours it will take for anyone to respond to an e-mail! As a marketer, should you send an SMS text message, your clients will get it almost immediately and read it nearly instantly as well. If your text messages are persuasive enough, you can see tremendous returns. It’s easy to see why these SMS Mobile Marketing Facts have been making big splashes in the marketing community.

7 SMS Mobile Marketing Facts and How SMS Marketing will Grow Your Business

Until recently, mobile advertising was comparatively a brand new area. But with mobile products now outnumbering PCs it is the right time for experienced entrepreneurs to take eager interest. And several of my own training clients frequently ask me, what really the advantages of mobile advertising?

Here are seven mobile marketing tips that will help you understand the SMS Marketing Business.

1. The cellphone is fairly individual.

You likely do not understand this. Computers aren’t as private as cellular phones. Actually 90% of Japanese surveyed stated they wouldn’t reveal their mobile-phone devices, in other countries the amount stands at about 63%.

2. Mobile phones are consistently kept close at hand.

Here’s something intriguing, according to 2007 study by Morgan Stanley, 91% of mobile-phone owners maintain their cellphone products within one metre, 24 hrs per day. Evidently, even in-the toilet. That means that advertising communications may be read and applied immediately. Your SMS Marketing Business strategy can begin to bear fruits within a few minutes.

3. The telephone is always on.

Consider it. Do you ever leave your phone behind intentionally? In reality a lot of folks find it hard to leave behind cellphones even if they’re on vacation. For business owners, that indicates that you could reach anyone anytime 24 hours a day. Warning: Do not send advertising communications at three in the morning. I doubt if many folks will value this.

4. The transaction method is simple.

Most phones tend to have some sort of integrated payment system. This makes it pretty easy to buy things straight from your phone.

5. The handset is a fantastic device for impulse purchase.

Their phones are always carried by most people and any advertising communications done correctly can generate impulse buying. This is part of the reason why the SMS Marketing Business has been booming recently.

6. Accurate measuring and audience tracking.

The truth that cell phones are seldom shared means that any words call, Text message can immediately be monitored to special amount.

7. Effortlessly blends with social-media platforms.

Several mobile devices may also be utilized to browse the internet and Social networking websites like Facebook and twitter considerably depend on mobile devices.

As a business owner, finding companies that do Mass Text Messaging for Businesses is one of the best ways you can grow your business. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your message doesn’t turn your intended audience away. When done properly, Small Business Marketing using SMS messaging is one of the most cost effective ways of doing business.