SMS Marketing Has Increased 34% in the Hospitality Industry

Some of the great scholars and marketing experts say that marketing fuels the business process. But, observing the recent scenario and the changes in it, it can be noticed that the components of the fuel are changing rapidly. Now marketing also is a technology driven process. It helps the firms to connect with their customers in every level of interaction and buying process. The evolution process of marketing is just great to observe. First there were play cards, then came radio, then came television, then came internet and now SMS marketing. In a way, it seems that the tools are getting smaller and smaller.

The marketing process in the hotel industry is the most exciting to watch as the industry is showing an intensive growth in spite of the competitive market and the firms have to continuously innovate new marketing strategies. Until recently, internet or digital marketing was the key trend setter for the business organizations and their customers. However, with the advent of mobile or text marketing, marketing seems to have picked by a rapid space. As the business executives and customers were thinking of giving internet the award for best marketer, SMS marketing came into the picture and somewhat made major changes in the picture.

The use of mobile marketing has increased by 6.9% in the world business sector and in the hospitality sector SMS marketing went up a stunning 34.6%. One of the renowned leaders of the hospitality sector, Marriott International developed specialized mobile services for their customers that allow them to get the latest deals and packages on their cell phone. There is more, the customers can avail to these services and deals with the minimum expenditure of time and money directly and instantly from their cell phone (Available from: The rising involvement of mobile marketing also signifies the customers’ acceptance of it.

The need for accessing internet has also decreased with direct SMSs from the services providers. No need to search though a long list of websites, instead the companies come to them directly. The SMS marketing technique was initially used by the telecom service providers for understanding the needs of the customers. This concept was picked up by other industries as they observed that mobile usage was growing. Specifying the hotel industry it can be stated that SMS marketing has taken it by storm, from booking to cancellation everything little business aspects can be done through this amazing new marketing concept.