Optimized Press Release

Traditional press releases are effective tools for quickly spreading news, however, they do have a limited shelf life with a singular purpose. Search Engine Optimized Press Releases, on the other hand, produce results for years to come due to their unique structure and strategic placement on the Web.

Anytime that you have a new hire, noteworthy client, publish a new whitepaper, are going to attend conference, have a speaking engagement, launch a new product or service, etc., it is recommended that you submit an online press release.

Search engine-optimized press releases help:

• Garner Media Coverage
• Publish Company Updates with Products, Services, News, etc.
• Increase Organic Traffic
• Increase Referral Traffic
• Create Quality Backlinks to Your Website
• Develop Links in the Search Engines Results Pages
• Create a Higher Google Page Rank
• Help You Become an Industry Authority

Distribution of our Search Engine Optimization Press Releases to premium online media outlets increases the chances that the release will be heavily viewed and linked to other sites. This value continues long after the news contained in the release is no longer news.

Features that Search Optimized Press Releases may include the following:

• News RSS feeds submissions
• Yahoo News, Google News Distribution
• Industry Feed Distribution
• Regional Feed Distribution (south, east, northwest, west coast, etc.)
• Embedded Website
• File/Logo Attachment
• Social Bookmarking
• Quote Call Out
• Keyword Anchor Links

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