6 Magento Benefits Over Other Ecommerce Platforms

In this world of high competition, the competition level in the segment of online business has also grown to a high level. At this level of competition, a well developing business run by you needs to have the best e-commerce platform. The industrial segment working on the design and development of websites is now having a huge range of e-commerce applications. All these applications need a single solution that proves to be the best among all. Magento is a robust, featured with various user friendly features and provides the best solution to numerous e-commerce web issues raised among the online business. Some of the benefits of this platform over other platforms present in e-commerce are as given below.

• Open Source: The Magento platform is an open source platform. This gives the permission to its users and various developers around the world to open up the code written for the Magento platform and modify it to customize the looks and the functioning of the website according to their needs and requirements.
• Community: This platform of e-commerce has a large number of developers in its community. This large umber of members, developers and programmers proves to be very helpful to the normal users of this platform in e-commerce service. The community members continually work on various features of Magento and discuss the issues with each other to get out the best of the solutions.
• Freedom to choose Hosting Service: Unlike other e-commerce platforms available in the world, Magento offers a unique benefit of the freedom to choose your own hosting service. Since, most of the e-commerce platforms are bound to the hosts and thus, compel the retailers to use their hosting service only, which is not the case when using Magento platform.
• Features: Magento has another plus point of various number of features available in it that make it a clear winner in the competition of the e-commerce platform fight.
• Integration: The extensible Application Programming Interface adds more to the popularity of the Magento platform. This API of the Magento allows connecting with all types of web and standalone applications available worldwide. This also helps the business utilizing it to be flexible with the internet services according to the change of requirements with time.
• SEO Friendly: Another main feature of the Magento is that it provides the designs of the websites that prove to be friendly as far as the Search Engine Optimization functioning of the site is concerned, thus, it helps websites using it get a better rank on search pages.