10 Must Have Features for Real Estate Websites

Websites in general have evolved over the past several years, and in some areas have evolved over the past several months. Website that rank well have great content, are user-friendly and have features that help the user browser or use the website.

1. Language Translation
Most real estate websites feature only one language. If you do not have a language translator, you could easily being missing out on 3-5% of the traffic.

2. Contact Lead Forms
Contact Lead Forms are one on the many ways that potential leads will reach out to you. We suggest having unique contact lead forms for each of your segments. If you focus are rentals, commercial properties, condos rentals and short sales. You should have 4 unique contact forms for each of those segments.

3. Website Sharing
Giving your website the ability to share it with friends and families will help you get the word out.

4. Custom IDX Feeds
Give your user base the information the information they need. IDX and MLS links can be customized by area, zip code, bathrooms, bedrooms, prices, residential property type, community and more.

5. SlideShows
Visitors love slideshows and images. Creating custom slideshows for each of your properties will enhance any website.

6. Realtor Blog
Creating strong, relevant and local content will help you increase your search engine visibility.

7. Social Media Integration
All your properties and blog posts should be posted to you Social outlets.

8. Email Marketing Sign-up List
Give your visitors the opportunity to sign-up and receive updated property information.

9. Paid Search Landing Pages
Driving traffic to your website to increase your listing and leads is crucical for any website, and real estate professionals. Paid Search landing pages should be setup for each targeted segment and should be unique to the Paid Search campaign.

10. Mobile Device Friendly
Your website should be able to be viewed on a mobile device without errors. Your phone number should be coded in HTML and should be coded to make it clickable.